Ocean Waves Half Block

Ocean Waves Half Block

For the diagonal setting in the Ocean Waves Quilt, not only are full blocks needed, but also side and corner blocks.

This instruction is for the blocks to be placed at the sides. The blocks are not square, but form triangles equivalent to half of a full Ocean Waves block (ie. if you were to cut it in half).  

Finished size of the block

12" (30 cm) – half diagonal


As for all template-free blocks or projects on Quilt around the World, seam allowances of ¼” for imperial or 0.75 cm for metric are included in the cutting and sewing instructions


For 1 block

  • Triangle A’: Cut one 9 ¾” (24.8 cm) square from the dark blue fabric. Cut the square twice diagonally. For one block, you will only need one of the resulting triangles. Set aside the other three for the other side triangles.
  • Triangles B: Cut six 4 ¼” (11.1 cm) squares from the blue, turquoise and green fabrics. Cut the squares twice diagonally into four quarter-square triangles, making 24 B triangles.


For 1 block

  • Set out the block on your worktable as shown in the picture below. Arrange the blue, turquoise and green triangles so that the same fabrics and/or colours don’t meet. Bear in mind that the blocks will be sewn together without any sashing. Therefore, make sure you also have a variety of fabrics on the outside of the block.

Ocean Waves Halfblock

  • Sew 4 triangles (B) together to make a triangle unit. Make 6.

Triangle Unit

  • Align the longest side of one pieced triangle with one of the shorter sides of the dark blue (A’) triangle as shown and sew together.


  • Repeat for the other short side of the dark blue (A’) triangle. The picture below shows the rectangular unit consisting of the dark blue (A’) triangle with two pieced triangle units already attached.

Alignment 2

  • Join the two pieced triangles placed left and right to the rectangular unit.
  • Join the two upper triangle units to form the missing point of the half block. Join the resulting triangle unit to the trapezoid unit to make an Ocean Waves Half Block.

Alignment 3

Your half block is now finished:

Finished Block