Octagonny #4 - Rotation Block

Octagonny #4 - Rotation Block #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

This is the fourth block for our Felicity sampler quilt. It is called Rotation Block because it gives the impression - as many other Octagonny blocks - that the pieces rotate round a fixed centre.

If you'd like to join us in this happy sew-along, dive into your scrap boxes and make an octagon block every other week. The online class "Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy" will give you short videos, detailed step by step instructions and all templates in original size to download. Every now and then, we will throw in some specials what you can do with your Octagonnies if you don't want to make a sampler quilt as our Felicity quilt.

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Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy!

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Octagonny #4 - Rotation Block #octagonny #patchwork #quilt