Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy!

Octagonny #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

We proudly present our sew-along called "Octagonny"!

Octagonny is a series of 25 octagon block patterns featured in the "Felicity" quilt to be published every other week on our brand-new online learning platform. Each tutorial includes a short explanatory video instruction as well as step-by-step diagrams and templates in original size for download so piecing these exciting blocks will be a piece of cake!

Start date: 29 March 2020

Why octagons? We simply fell in love with the octagon block grid available in EQ8, our most favourite design tool here at Quilt around the World. Although such a special grid ties you to a deceptively rigid framework, it turns out that the possibilities are endless.

Octagonny #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

Early bird participation fee: 19 €

(from 15 May 2020: 24 €)

This comprises

  • access to our user-friendly online learning platform
  • a new block pattern for an exciting octagon block every other week
  • bonus material, e.g. the Octagonny bucket cover, additional layout options, "Mix & Match" and "Flip & Match" (let yourself be surprised!) etc.
  • a short tutorial how to draw your own Octagonny blocks with EQ8
  • if you like: inclusion of your own blocks in our Octagonny online gallery

Try our free taster course: Octagonny Introduction & 1st block

Sign up today: Octagonny in the Quilt around the World Webshop

Octagonny #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

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