Octagonny Bonus: Mix&Match #1

Octagonny Bonus: Mix&Match #2 #Octagonny #patchwork

And here we have the next bonus project for our new sew-along activity Octagonny. This time we took a "wedge" from two of the previously published Octagonny blocks and combined them with a setting square and setting triangles.


The resulting piece could be made into a cushion cover or into a medaillon style wallhanging.

Octagonny Bonus: Mix&Match #1 #Octagonny #Monstera #patchwork

You will find the full tutorial and all necessary templates  in our new online tutorial.

Go to

Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy

for more details on the Octagonny project or to our webshop if you'd like to sign up for this 1 year online class.

And here a sneak preview of the Eddy, Vicky, Georgi and I wallhanging which might eventually result from this Octagonny bonus project:

Octagonny Bonus: Mix&Match #1 #Octagonny #patchwork