Octagonny - Sneak Preview

Swirling Star #patchwork #quilt #octagon #red #blue

With archiTEXTure, We celebrate! and our Bauhaus Special, you might think that there is already a lot going on on the Quilt around the World stage for everyone to see. Behind the scenes, we are cooking up some more exciting ideas which will be front and centre next year. One of these projects will be "Octagonny", a series of octagon blocks to be published in a two weeks rhythm on our brand-new online learning platform. As usual with detailed instructions and step-by-step diagrams so piecing these exciting blocks will be a piece of cake!

Why octagons? We simply felt in love with the octagon block grid available in EQ8, our most favourite design tool here at Quilt around the World. Although such a special grid ties you to a deceptively rigid framework, it turns out that the possibilities are endless.

We are currently working with red-hot needles to finish the quilt with (the first) 25 octagon blocks as soon as possible. Here is one of the blocks as a sneak preview:

Swirling Star #patchwork #quilt #octagon #red #blue

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