"Open" Quilthouse Purgstall: Handquilting with Jutta

"Open" Quilthouse Purgstall: Handquilting with Jutta

Invitation to "Open Quilthouse": "Handquilting - every stitch a pleasure"

On Friday, 27 May 2016 from 4 pm we will concentrate on handquilting in the Quilthouse Purgstall in Lower Austria. It's not only the continuation of a craft tradtition dating back many centuries, but also the discovery of the new slowness. Here, already the journey can be considered the destination.

On that evening, Jutta will be at Quilthouse Purgstall. She has been a passionate handquilter for 20 years and has been teaching almost as long.

Jutta will show her favourite handquilting technique and will give an overview, based on a suitcase full of her own quilts, over different "strategies", useful tools as well as the selection and the transfer of suitable quilting patterns.


You can bring one of your own quilt sandwiches to work on it that evening, to get new inspiration and to ask questions on particular handquilting issues. 

There is no fee and it is not necessary to pre-register.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Purgstall/Lower Austria.

The Quilt around the World Team