Patchwork Puzzle DREI

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilt #quiltanleitung

We proudly present...


Patchwork Puzzle DREI!


This book which is now available in German puts together all 25 blocks from our Mysterious 7 project. You will find the block puzzles - mysterious and deliberately incomplete "instructions" to guess which block is the basis of the block puzzles or design your own block patterns - and the detailed tutorials for the original patterns in the book.

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries

The 240 pages offer you detailed cutting diagrams, step-by-step tutorials and of course all the necessary templates in original size. If you don't speak German, you can still easily follow our tutorials as we have done our best to create almost "language-free" instructions.

An English version is planned for the mid-term future.

The German version is now available and can be purchased from our webshop:

Patchwork Puzzle DREI (German book version)


If you are an EQ8 user, you might be interested in our EQ8 project file which contains all Patchwork Puzzle DREI blocks:

Patchwork Puzzle DREI EQ8 project file

Example: Block #1 Crossover

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries #textileart

If you like this pattern and would like to piece it immediately, you can download this PDF tutorial for a 14 x 14 Inch (or 35 x 35 cm) finished block size. Don't worry, the tutorial is non-verbal with easy-to-follow diagrams:



On top of that, we have included numerous layout suggestions, valuable information on layouts for asymmetrical blocks, and a fun activity to find extraordinary and surprising colour combinations in your immediate environment.

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries #textileart  Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries #textileart

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries #textileart  Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchwork #quilt #symmetries #textileart

Many more layout ideas and a gallery with selected block designs created by participants in our online project "Mysterious 7" and with some finished works can also be found in the book.

EXTRA: Because we have endless fun combining our "Mysterious 7" block motifs and because we couldn't print all the ideas in the book, we have put together almost 60 (!) different layout ideas for one-block quilts and two- or three-block combinations in this free PDF file for you to download, admire and create: 


Two of the quilts which we created from our "Mysterious 7" blocks we do not want to hide from you:

M3MORY Quilt #patchworkpuzzle3 #quilt #sampler

M3MORY by Anke B. Calzada

Consolation Quilt #patchworkpuzzle3 #quilt

Consolation by Jutta Hufnagel