Patchwork Puzzle III: Mysterious 7

Patchwork Puzzle III: Mysterious 7

A new edition of the popular Patchwork Puzzles!

Come and join the third round of our Patchwork Puzzles, tease your brains, design and sew your very own block patterns for fabulous quilts!

Quick Links:

  • Here you can find all Mysterious 7 patchwork puzzles - and solutions with sewing tutorials - already published: Mysterious 7 patchwork puzzles
  • In our Mysterious 7 Block Gallery you can admire block patterns designed by other participants: M7 Block Gallery


About Mysterious 7

Since mid August 2018, Mysterious 7 brings you a new patchwork puzzle every other week.

  • 25 block riddles all based on a 7x7 grid will create exciting block designs for stunning quilts.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • You need a PC with Internet connection and software to view PDF documents.

Special for Electric Quilt users

Every participant who hands in her block(s) digitally and drawn with the Electric Quilt software will receive a EQ8 project file with ALL blocks at the end of the activity.

In collaboration with Quilthouse Purgstall, Austria


The Details

The Blocks

All blocks follow a basic 7 by 7 grid.

Every other week, Quilt around the World will publish a block riddle which describes the underlying block. The solution including a short tutorial with block diagrams for a 14“ (35 cm) block (finished size) will be published together with the next block riddle two weeks later.

Online Phase

  • Start: August 2018
  • End: July 2019
  • Participation in the online phase is free of charge. Block riddles and solutions can be downloaded as PDF files from
  • You hand in your blocks voluntarily and in the understanding that you grant Quilt around the World a non-exclusive right to publish your block in all media (digitally and in print).
  • You agree that your block will be included in the overall collection of Mysterious-7-blocks. Quilt around the World reserves the right to reject block designs if for any reason considered unsuitable.
  • The block(s) you hand in are your own design and infringe on nobody‘s copyright and intellectual property. 

Special for Electric Quilt Users

If you hand in at least one block in the Electric Quilt format (EQ8 - PJ8 files), you will receive the entire collection of Mysterious 7 blocks at the end of the online phase in Summer 2019. Quilt around the World will do their best to include also blocks drawn manually or submitted as photo only, but do not guarantee that every block can be included.

In Collaboration with Quilthouse Purgstall, Austria

All participants are invited to make a quilt from one or several of the Mysterious 7 blocks and submit it for an exhibition at Quilthouse Purgstall in Austria ( Detailed information on this follow-up acitivity will be communicated after the online phase.