Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI

Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI   #patchwork #blockmysteries

Some of you will remember our series then called "49mysteries". We published a block mystery every week with the solution and detailed piecing instruction following in the subsequent week together with the next mystery block.

Since then, a lot has happened around our block mysteries: We gave them a new name - block puzzles - and have now published the second book in the series. For the time being, Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI (TWO) is available only in German. We are working on an English version which is quite a challenge for a block instruction book with over 280 pages!

The book contains over 50 detailed patterns for a great variety of patchwork blocks - both historical and (well-)known patchwork blocks and new designs. 49 of these blocks are included in the Tranquility Sampler Quilt which represent a very personal journey for the maker and author of the book, Jutta Hufnagel.

 Tranquility Quilt #patchwork #samplerquilt #patchworkpuzzles #mysteryblock

The German version of Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI (TWO) is available in our webshop:

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