Patchwork und Textilmarkt March 2010

21. March 2010 - 10:00 - 17:00

The Patchwork und Textilmarkt Erding is a medium-sized event with a quilt show and a vendor's mall. The show, which uses the Stadthalle in Erding as its venue, took place for the first time in September 2006 and since then has grown continually, both in size and reputation.

The most recent Patchwork and Textilmarkt was held on 21 March 2010 and was a great success for the show organizers. Over 1,000 quilters, their families and friends came to see the quilt exhibition on the upper floor and to shop on the lower floor at the 27 booths set up by shops from the Munich area, the rest of Germany and from Switzerland.

The organizers are justifiably proud of their well-lit exhibition area of over 400 square meters (ca. 4300 square feet) which allows them to hang almost every quilt to its best advantage. More than 140 quilts made by quilters of all skill levels from the Greater Munich area were hung in the March 2010 exhibition. Many different styles and techniques were represented.

One part of the exhibition area was reserved for the entries to the 2nd Fabric Challenge. Last September, quilters were invited to take part in this competition which required one or two given fabrics to be used in a small quilt. All visitors to the March show were asked to vote for their favourite among the 16 entries. The competition’s winners were Cornelia Jahnke (owner of Quilt Art in Baldham, a shop also represented in the vendors’ mall), Ina Schön (Steinhöring) and Carola Helm (Pullach). We are happy to say that all three winners have agreed to an exclusive interview for Quilt around the World (see links below).

As usual, the group “arttextil e. V.” from Dachau to the northwest of Munich organized the “Living Workroom” demonstrating to  visitors a plethora of different textile arts and crafts, many of which are no longer widely known. The “arttextil” ladies also brought with them their own small quilt exhibit “Rot Rot Rot” (Red Red Red) which was set out on one side of the “Living Workroom”.

Thanks to the generous layout of the Stadthalle, visitors were able to relax, eat and chat with other quilters either in the general seating area on one side of the lower floor or in the Quilter’s Lounge, where – we are proud to say – Quilt around the World had its ‘world premiere’ and was very favourably received. :-D

Food was provided at reasonable prices by the Stadthalle’s caterer.

Future dates for the Patchwork- und Textilmarkt:

Sunday 12 September 2010

Sunday 03 April 2011

Erdinger Stadthalle

Alois-Schießl-Platz 1


By the way, Erding is a small town with a lovely historic centre that is well worth visiting. It is located quite close to Munich International Airport. Internationally, Erding is probably best known for Erdinger Weißbräu, a famous brewery that exports its wheat beer all over the world.

Several restaurants and hotels are within walking distance of the Stadthalle. Parking is not usually a problem.