Patchworkgruppe Schotten, September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery

Schotten Raffle Quilt

Three ladies of the Schotten quilt guild participated in IBS1 and from there it was a small step to make their 2013 quilt show one of the destinations of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition.

Schotten is a lovely town near the Vogelsberg which offers beautiful scenery, wonderful lattice architecture and one of the best cafés we have ever been to. The quilt show was held in the town hall which in part dates back to the 19th century. The balconies offered wonderful and quite unexpected vistas down to the main exhibition floor.

Schotten 01

Magda (second from right) opening the exhibition...

Schotten 02

.... Jutta explaining about IBS1...

Schotten 03

IBS1 quilts visible: Maria Laubenbacher (DE), Barbara Albrecht (DE), Cindy Burns (USA), June de Groot (CA)

... view from one of the balconies...

Schotten 04

IBS1 quilts visible: Brunhilde Zöhrer (DE), Michi Mosmüller (AT), Teresa Vila (ES), Lubica Kocikova (SK), Anke and Tití Calzada (DE and AR), Marion Guimaraes (BR), Dawn Burchett (USA), Yukiko Nakagawa (JP), Jarmila Bachova (SK), Elke Sick (DE)

... most of the IBS1 quilts seen from another balcony...

Schotten 05

... the exhibition space seen from the stage (opposite to the area with the IBS1 quilts)...

Schotten 06

... Jutta and Johann posing in front of two IBS1 quilts (Brunhilde Zöhrer (DE) and Michi Mosmüller (AT) and a beautiful hexagon quilt in the background.

Since we have a fairly good track record with quilt raffles, we confidently bought three raffle tickets each. Johann kept telling everyone that we would certainly take the first price, a bed quilt, with us to Munich. Imagine the surprise and laughter when it turned out at the very last day of the the show that one of his tickets was drawn for the 2nd prize - a very beautiful bag shown in the picture below:

Schotten 07

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