Preparing for the Swapping Event

Preparing for the Swapping Event

We are very happy to announce that our 4th International Block Swap is approaching its finalization, at least regarding the block phase!

We are still waiting for very few outstanding blocks to arrive shortly. In the meantime we are busy with the preparations for the actual swapping which will probably take place on the weekend 24/25 March.

Please note that we will no longer accept any block packages! Should we receive any blocks which haven't been registered BEFORE the end of February, we will definitely return them!

Our IBS4 block "accounting" tells us that 180 block packages are taking part. These block packages were made by quilters from 18 different nationalities. No surprise - Germany comes in first but one of our major objectives has been met: the German block quota remained below 50% with a very healthy margin.

Here the entire "IBS4 block ranking":

1 - Germany

2 - Spain

3 - USA

4 - Switzerland

5 - Austria

6 - United Kingdom

7 - Brasil & Mexico

9 - Canada, France, Luxembourg

12 - Australia, Denmark, Guatemala, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, Uruguay

We will keep you updated as to our progress.