Scrap Management

Scrap Management

Scrap Management was conceived with fabric leftovers in mind that are too small to be sewn into a 2 inch square (finished size).

If you are interested in the train of thought that produced the concept behind Scrap Management, please read the Tralala “When is a scrap too small to be used?”.

The major task in Scrap Management is to sort fabric leftovers into categories and then find suitable techniques and projects they can go into. Our categories are as follows:

  • odd shaped leftovers that can still be cut into a half-square triangle (2 7/8 inch) using the Scrapmaster tool
  • scraps that can be cut into shapes that belong to the 1" (2.5 cm) Template Free Family
  • small odd shaped leftovers that can be used for mini and micro hexagons
  • very small odd shaped leftovers for Crazy strips
  • “Vermicelli“ (the very narrow “fabric threads” that remain when you cut off the edges from your fabric)
  • “Confetti“(small to very small remnants resembling confetti)

Sort your fabric leftovers into these categories and put them into boxes or other containers that you mark with the category of scraps they hold. You are of course free to revert to the largest box of all - the rubbish bin - at any time during the process. ;-) However, we have found the smaller categories most fun and giving back the most surprising and satisfying results!

Jutta Hufnagel