Teresa's Quilt

Teresa's Quilt

Teresa from Spain had a difficult start with her IBS1 blocks - the swapped package got lost on its way from Germany to Spain! Luckily, her team is really a team in the best sense and all team members agreed to make another block for Teresa.

And look what a stunning quilt is the result! A 3 by 4 layout on white background with a lot of extras: the countries‘ flags and outlines and some very, very true words....

What Teresa says about her IBS experience:

I received the last block in January 2013, almost one year after the official send back date for the IBS blocks, so it was touch and go whether my quilt would be finished in time for the Birmingham show. A big thank you to my team members for sending me replacement blocks for the ones which got lost!

And here you can see Teresa's quilt:

Teresa's Quilt

The following blocks were used in Teresa's quilt:

Teresa V's block

Elke S's first block

Annemarie's block

Rosemarie's block

Rudi's block

Abigail's block

Asun's block

Heidemarie's block

Jarmila's block

Michaela's block

Anke and Tití's block

Margaret H's block