Three Quilt Jobs Every Quilter Would Love to Have

Baltimore Album Quilt

Outside North America, the quilting world and the “quilting business” are less developed and shaped very differently. Many activities are only possible because of the initiative of individuals who give their time and talent freely and without pecuniary compensation. And we hope that this will remain so for many years to come. However, we thought it worthwhile looking across the big blue ocean to America (and across the Channel to the UK) to learn more about three job descriptions barely known in other parts of the world: the quilt museum curator, the antique quilt dealer and the quilt appraiser.

All three have a lot to do with antique, vintage and old quilts, but many aspects, especially the treatment, storage and restoration of quilts and the appraisal and determination of value, are almost certainly of interest to the maker and/or owner of contemporary quilts.

For this interview, a first at Quilt around the World, we assembled a panel of interviewees, and are delighted to welcome Katherine Hebert from England (Collections Manager for the American Museum in Britain), Mary Koval from the United States (antique quilt dealer and fabric designer) and Diane Shink from Canada (expert on textiles, quilt appraiser and author) and to tell us more about their jobs, their daily routines, the challenges they face and the joy their profession brings them.... (25 September 2011)

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