Time for Something New

Quilt around the World

Since we founded Quilt around the World back in 2010, we have achieved a lot and look back on our projects with pride: Besides our "daylight jobs" and the sometimes difficult everyday family life, we have built a multilingual Internet portal in the evenings, on weekends and during our vacations and have continuously fed it with new content about patchwork & quilting, only supported by our small team. We have launched entertaining and educational projects such as the design course "My Year of Design", the "Coincidence" and "Mystery" Quilts or "50pictures" and have published a whole series of books, including the "Patchwork Puzzle" series, from the first idea to the finished printed book.


Together with you we have had lots of fun and have shared many wonderful highlights, e.g. at our travelling exhibitions in Germany and abroad presenting our four International Block Swaps and our multicultural community project "Where do you come from?". We would not want to miss the countless exciting exchanges, the positive feedback and especially the lovely quilt friendships that have developed over the past years and which will always be very close to our hearts.
After more than ten years of intensive work with dedication and joy, it is now time for something new. Therefore, Quilt around the World will say goodbye to you at the end of this year.

We do this with mixed feelings because we have enjoyed a fantastic time together. But on the other hand it opens up new horizons for us. We are already excited about the fascinating quilting paths where the future will lead us... But until Quilt around the World will finally be history at the end of 2021, we still have to tie up several loose organizational and technical ends.

We would like to thank all our participants very, very much for their loyalty and the many wonderful contributions to our projects. Without you, Quilt around the World would never have become what it has been for us for over the last ten years: a small, colourful and active "community" with impressive creativity.


At least as big a thank you is due to our team. Anke and Derry - we enjoyed every minute with you! It has been a great ride!