Virtual Exhibition: 10 Years Quilt around the World

10 Years Quilt around the World #virtualquiltexhibition #quiltshow

Not surprisingly, it is very different to set up a virtual quilt exhibition compared to a "real life" quilt gallery. It is a quite peaceful activity lacking the hurry, buzzle and excitement of the setting-up of a quilt show. As the companionship with one's own team and all the other people around ("Could we borrow your stepladder for a few minutes?" "Do you need more hooks for the walls?") is missing, the preparation of virtual quilt exhibitions can also be a little lonely in comparison.

And since you are handling "only" virtual representatives of the quilts, it does seem a little clinical at times. All emotion needs to come from the subject matter of the exhibition.

In the case of exhibition we open today on 8 October 2020, a lack of emotion was not an issue. Unbelievably, Quilt around the World celebrates its 10th anniversary this autumn! Looking back on all our past and present activities, putting all the participants' beautiful and outstanding work on the walls and thinking of the friendships with quilters from all over the world made the setting up of "10 Jahre - 10 Years Quilt around the World" a rather festive experience.

Quilt around the World #virtualquiltexhibition #quiltshow

Take your time to move through the three gallery spaces. We have organized the quilts in a more or less chronological order grouped by acitvities such as the four International Block Swaps, the several editions of My Year of Design etc.

It is a big exhibition with over 100 quilts. While you don't need to queue at the entrance, you should give the galleries a few minutes to load all the pictures. Please also try for a really good internet connection when viewing the show.

And now - enjoy!