We celebrate! Fallon Sherrock, Johann G, AT

We celebrate! #patchwork #womenssuffrage

Name of the quilter: Johann G

Name of the block: Fallon Sherrock

Country: Austria

What Johann says about his block:

With my block, I would like to celebrate Fallon Sherrock, the first woman ever to win match against a man at the PDC World Championships, i.e. the men's Darts world championship. At that time, as far as I know, she wasn't even a professional Darts player, but earned her living as a hairdresser. I have been truly impressed by her performance and would like to dedicate my block to her.

Originally, I wanted to put a whole Darts board in my block, but 12" is simply too small for that! ;-)

We celebrate! #patchwork #womenssuffrage