Weavers’ Market Haslach

23. July 2011 (All day) - 24. July 2011 (All day)
Haslach in der Mühl, Austria
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Thread Sculpture

We discovered the Weavers‘ Market in Haslach in Upper Austria quite by accident during an internet search for something entirely different. Luckily, we found it just in time for the 2010 event. On a beautiful July morning, we hopped into the car to drive approximately 2 1/2 hours from Munich to the village of Haslach.

Haslach is a small Austrian community of approximately 3.000 inhabitants located 50 km north of Linz near the borders of Bohemia/Czech Republic and Bavaria/Germany. In this region, the weaving of flax and the production of linen has been practiced for centuries. More recently, however, linen production has given way to the processing of cotton for soft furnishings and fabric for clothing. Today only very few weavers continue the linen tradition.

The Weavers’ Market is a well established part of “Textile Kultur Haslach” (Textile Culture Haslach), an event held annually since 1991 during the last two weeks in July. “Textile Kultur Haslach” focuses on weaving and spinning with exhibitions, seminars and lectures, but also concerts and theatre performances.

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On the last weekend in July, the ca. 90 booths that make up the open air market line the small streets of historic downtown Haslach. A few booths are also set up in the so called “Fadenzone” (Thread Zone). Each year, a jury selects the vendors from several hundred applications.


In July 2010, they came from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary. Every year, the market attracts thousands of visitors. Examples of products sold are indigo dyed fabric (linen and cotton), felted items, bags (leather, fabric, felt), clothing, bobbin lace jewellery, buttons made from pebbles, and much, much more.

Thread Sculpture

A fascinating sculpture made of red thread wove its way through the courtyard of the Textiles Zentrum Haslach (Textile Centre), which was founded in 2010 and is housed in two buildings previously owned by weaving companies.

When visiting Haslach, make sure that you don’t miss the “Manufaktur Haslach”. Here, wool is turned into woven and felted (gift) items. During the Weavers’ Market, the factory opens its doors to the public. Another worthwhile stop is the Weavers’ Museum housed in the old school at the church. Here you can learn about the history of flax and linen production and admire antique tools and machinery.

You will find plenty of information and as you come into the market, you can pick up a leaflet with a little map showing all the venues. Finding restrooms was also not a problem. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants too, but it wasn’t always easy to find a seat at meal times.

The streets are cobbled and we recommend you wear comfortable shoes. If you are in a wheelchair, bring a strong companion and be prepared for some of the booths and venues to be inaccessible.

Don’t expect the vendors to accept credit or debit cards so make sure you bring enough cash if you plan to indulge yourself. Or even if you don’t: Better safe than sorry!


4170 Haslach an der Mühl, Austria

Dates for 2011

Textile Kultur Haslach: 18 – 29 July 2011

Weavers’ Market: 23 and 24 July 2011



The website is available in German, English and Czech and lists the future dates for the Textile Kultur Haslach, for the Weavers’ Market and for seminars that are taught throughout the year at the Textiles Zentrum (Textile Centre) at Haslach.

(Public) Transport:

Haslach is not easily accessible by public transport. You can either take a bus (ca. 1 h) or a train (ca. 1.5 h) from Linz or a train from Passau (ca. 4 h). Linz has an international airport.

If you plan to go to Haslach by car, follow the signs to the parking areas as soon as you reach the village. There are lots of car park attendants to help you find a space.

Quilt around the World is planning a weekend trip to the 2011 Weavers’ Market departing from Munich. If you are interested, please contact us at info@quilt-around-the-world.com

Our opinion:

After just one day, we have become huge fans both of the village of Haslach and the Weavers‘ Market. It was a fantastic surprise to find a centre of creativity and productivity in a small community that is obviously 100% percent behind the event. The market exudes a very positive atmosphere and the products sold here make you ask yourself why you are still buying at chain stores that sell the same unimaginative stuff the world over. Luckily, we had taken a comparatively small amount of cash with us, otherwise this would have turned out to be a very expensive Sunday! ;-)

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