Where do you come from? - Action Day

WKD-Group Photo

This week, we had an "offsite meeting" at Derry's house instead of our little creative office because we wanted to see the finished quilt top in its full beauty. Thus, we "re-arranged" Derry's large living room a little bit (THANK YOU Derry and David for your hospitality!) and used the 6-meter long curtain rod to hang our six panels side by side.


WKD-Planning Session Johann

With Johann on our team, hanging quilts is no hassle...

WKD-Jutta and Johann

Jutta and Johann even brought their studio lamps for the perfect lighting.

Then, we sat down - quite overwhelmed by this monumental piece - in front of the quilt on the carpet and started to brainstorm about the border design and the way how we want to do the hand-quilting, our next big milestone we want to reach by the end of April...

WKD-Group Photo