Where do you come from? - Inspirations

Where do you come from - Miró Mosaic

In the past days and weeks, many quilters have asked us what motifs would be „allowed“ for our „Where do you come from?“ project.

Original patterns which haven’t been described in the countless patchwork block books around the world – is our short and simple answer. We all have seen many variations of the Ohio Star or Flying Geese block patterns and invite you to broaden your horizon as a quilter a bit and discover new sources of inspiration...


Original patterns with a personal meaning

We are looking for unique motifs which mean something to you personally and are somehow related to a certain geographic region, its culture and its traditions. It can be the region you originally come from, you love to travel to or where you currently live or lived in the past.

The question “Where do you come from?” can be related to your personal background but also to the origin of your block pattern.

Should you have any questions or are unsure  whether your block motif is suitable, just write us an e-mail at info@quilt-around-the-world.com. We're more than happy to assist.


Examples and Inspirations

Here are a few examples:

Chicago Architecture

Where do you come from - Chicago Architecture       Where do you come from - Chicago Architecture

During the late 1880s and early 1890s, Chicago led the way in skyscraper design and offers a wide variety of architectural styles today with impressive buildings of Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Mies van der Rohe, but also Frank Lloyd Wright and other famous architects. For architecture fans, a visit to Chicago is a must.

This 6"x12" rectangular foundation piecing block motif shows parts of the characteristic facade structure of the John Hancock Center Building on Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago's most famous landmark buildings.


Bandera Argentina

Where do you come from - Argentinean Sun    Where do you come from - Bandera Argentina

This sunny 9"x12" rectangular motif was inspired by the Argentinean flag, called "Bandera Argentina". The Argentinean people is very proud of their national flag and celebrate the "Día de la Bandera" (The Day of the Flag) every year on June 20th.


Maori Koru Block

   Where do you come from - Maori Koru

Fans of tribal tattoos have probably come across similar block patterns from New Zealand. This 12"x12" square appliqué block shows a traditional Maori kowhaiwhai carved wood pattern in the typical colors white, red and black with a "koru" motif, a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.

Canadian Maple Leaf

Where do you come from - Maple Leaf     Where do you come from - Maple Leaf

This variation of a Canadian maple leaf represents the Indian Summer in North America. This 12"x12" square block sewn with triangles uses original Canadian checkered flannel fabrics, often used for the typical lumberjack shirts popular with outdoor fans around the world...