Where do you come from? - May Update

Where do you come from?

Time is flying and you're probably wondering what happened to our community quilt....

While the last panel no. 6 is still in the hand quilting phase, we've already joined panels 1 + 2, the quilting along the seam line is also done. On Wednesday, we met again to join panels 3 + 4 using the quilt-as-you-go method. Derry took them home to hand sew the seam on the back of the quilt and to add the last quilting stitches along the seam line.

Panels 3 + 4 joined

We also started on the strip border - the next adventurous step on our journey to make the most impressive community quilt the world has ever seen! 

We decided to add a 1" strip to frame the blocks in contrasting colors using up all fabrics we had used before for the sashings and for the outer border broader strips (5 1/2") in matching colors. And yes, we'll do mitered corners!

Instead of doing a whole lot of planning beforehand, we just took a deep dive into our fabric stash again, pulled out various scraps and started sewing right away. It worked out pretty well and we're quite happy with the first border strip for the left side of our quilt...

Strip border      1st strip border done