Where do you come from? - Quilting Session No. 1

WKD Quilt Block

Finally, the huge package with the wool batting had arrived at our office and so we met again on Monday night to prepare the first three sandwiches, select matching handquilting threads and suitable needles and discuss about quilting patterns. We will quilt each block plus add circles in different sizes as a unifying design element.


WKD-Jutta with batting     WKD-selecting quilting threads

Jutta as "Statue of Liberty"...            Selecting matching quilting threads for each block

WKD-Jutta preparing quilting frame    WKD-Mexican block ready for quilting

Jutta preparing the quilting frame            Mexican block ready for quilting

We even started to work on our first quilt stitches and as it turned out, we all had very different handquilting techniques - with or without using a frame, with or without working with thimble(s), long needles or short "betweens", needle sizes 9 - 12.... handquilting is truly a science!!

WKD-quilting bee Jutta and Derry    WKD-quilting bee Anke

Our first quilting bee - Jutta, Derry and Anke

Well, we enjoyed our first quilting bee on Monday so much that we decided to meet again on Thursday...;o)