Where do you come from? - Quilting Session No. 4

WKD-Ankes Block

The journey is the reward

This motto is definitely true for hand-quilting. If you aim to see quick results, you’re better off using your machine for sewing and quilting. When you practice hand-quilting, however, it’s the going, not the getting there that matters most. Of course, we want to finish our “most fabulous community quilt the world has ever seen” as soon as possible but by hand-quilting this monumental piece stitch by stitch, we do our best to treat this quilt with our utmost care and show our respect to all of you who have contributed with your wonderfully crafted blocks.

For us, there’s no better way to relax after a long busy day. You make yourself comfortable, sit down with a quilt top on our lap, thread your needle, and let your mind wander. It’s such a calming, almost meditative experience. And slowly, very slowly, after hours and hours of quilting stitch by stitch, the first three-dimensional patterns are emerging and your quilt top comes to life.

Here are a few impressions from our 4th quilting bee….

WKD-Quilting Session 4 - Jutta + Derry

Jutta and Derry working on their quilt tops - Anke's top is in the foreground

WKD-Quilting Session 4 Derry    WKD-Quilting Session 4 Jutta

Derry is working on a block featuring the Cologne city crest, Jutta is quilting a block from Russia

WKD-Ankes Block

Anke worked on her own block, quilted along the maze and added some leaves and circles

WKD - New Panel Sandwich   WKD Johann Admin

We also prepared 2 more sandwiches.....and poor Johann! He was doing the boring QATW admin stuff which is less creative work but also needs to be done at some point!