Where do you come from? - Quilting Update March

WKD Block Camaeleon


After many many hours of quilting stitch by stitch during our weekly Monday evening quilting bees and at home, the first two panels of our monumental community quilt are done. No. 3 is just a few stitches away from being finished as well.


WKD Quilting - Anke

Anke added the final stitches at home over the Easter weekend sitting in her living room on the piano bench using her ironing board as a high table so that she could sit with a straight back and relax her shoulders.

WKD-Quilting Derry

Derry didn't do anything else but quilting for the past two weeks since we returned from the IBS2 exhibition in Sitges and let her husband do the housework instead... She proudly presented her quilted top last night in our creative office.....

How many hours did Derry and Anke spend to hand quilt their first tops? What do you think? Just guess....