Where do you come from? - The Winners are....

Where do you come from? - The Winners are....

First of all, we want to congratulate all the quilters who participated in our "Where do you come from? project once again for the wonderful variety of creative ideas and excellent "translation" into elaborate textile patchwork block patterns, crafted with lots of passion and attention to detail.

For us you are all winners!

But we could also win an international quilt jury for our project. The jurors from UK and Germany evaluated all participating blocks and their background stories according to the following criteria:

  • Workmanship: Use of materials, accuracy of sewing/appliqué, difficulty of pattern
  • Design: Visual impact, emotional response, originality, design, composition, colour
  • Story: Emotional response, originality, relevance to theme

After consolidating all score sheets, we are very happy to announce three winners. We have one winning block and two second places:


1st Prize: Two Kiwis

Designed and crafted by Susan Claire in Australia/New Zealand

Susan Claire (Australia/NZ) - Kiwis 1st Prize

Find out more about Susan's block and read her story: Two Kiwis


2nd Prize: Bodenloses Loch

Designed and crafted by Margit in Germany

Margit (Germany) - Bodenloses Loch 2nd Prize

You can read the full story behind Margit's block here: Bodenloses Loch


2nd Prize: Valparaíso

Designed and crafted by Andrea (Chile/Argentina)

Andrea (Chile) - Valparaíso 3rd Prize

Read more about Andrea's source of inspiration: Valparaíso

Congratulations to all winners!