Are Copyright Laws “Right”?

I never copy anything from books or magazines and I always give credit when I use ideas from other quilters in my own work.
88% (7 votes)
One of my own patterns or items has been copied without proper acknowledgement, but this doesn’t bother me at all.
0% (0 votes)
I occasionally copy patterns because I don’t think that I should have to pay full price for only one or two patterns.
13% (1 vote)
I don’t exhibit my work because I am afraid of copycats.
0% (0 votes)
If I think that anybody could have had a particular idea, it is ok to use it as common property.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8
Are Copyright Laws “Right”?

Copyright issues have been on the agenda in the quilting world for many, many years. They concern patterns in books and magazines, quilts hung at exhibitions, private and not so private web pages, and even the good idea another quilter in your guild presented at your last meeting.

What is your position on copyright issues? Pick the option which is closest to your opinion. By the way: It is not possible, not technically and not otherwise, to trace your vote back to your login name...

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