Purchasing Fabric: Stashing or Planning?

I always plan my quilts and buy exactly the quantity required for each project.
0% (0 votes)
I do some planning and then buy an approximate quantity.
14% (2 votes)
I buy fabric whenever I find something I like.
50% (7 votes)
I have a stash of fabric which I try to keep balanced as to colours and patterns.
14% (2 votes)
I neither plan all my quilts nor do I suffer from compulsory stash building. My shopping behaviour varies from project to projec
21% (3 votes)
Total votes: 14

When you talk to quilters, you often get the impression that we buy fabric whenever we can lay our hands on a promising bolt. It seems that the purpose of our lives is to build up a tremendous stash of as many different colours, patterns and materials as possible.

But is this really true? Aren’t there any planners among today’s quilters? In this Question Mark, we have listed a few of the answers we received from quilting friends when we asked the all defining question “Stashing or Planning”. We would like you to choose the answer most applicable to your fabric buying habits. Plus we’d love to read your comments in the comment area!