Should old quilt tops and old quilt blocks be finished or left as they are?

No, you should never alter an old quilt top or old quilt blocks.
0% (0 votes)
It depends on the quilt top or the blocks (e. g. on the age).
56% (9 votes)
The owner of the quilt top and quilt block can do whatever he or she likes to do.
44% (7 votes)
Total votes: 16
Old Quilts

There are many different positions on whether old quilt tops or quilt blocks should be finished or left as they are - in their historic state, so to say. Modern principles in restoration maintain that any alteration in an antique should be restricted to safeguarding the item from further deterioration.

But what would the quilter say who pieced the old top or the old blocks? Would she prefer her unfinished work to remain as it is or would she rather have someone finish it years, decades or even centuries later?

What do you think about your own UFOs? Can you image that someone years from now will “adopt” them, perhaps change them fundamentally and make them into a finished quilt?

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