EQ8 is here!

EQ8 is here!

We are very happy to announce that Quilt around the World will continue to offer Electric Quilt software as it becomes available in its 8th version - EQ8!

EQ8 comes with an entirely new work surface and a fresh and clear design. The software was redesigned for faster learning and more complete designing. For more a more detailed description, please go to the information provided in our webshop (see links below) or go directly to the Electric Quilt webpage (http://electricquilt.com/)

Our Special Introductory Offer - ended!

For all orders placed until 15 November 2017, we will offer the EQ8 full license for 225 € and the EQ8 upgrade for 85 €. Since we are a small company and cannot run the risk of stocking lots of expensive products, we will collect all orders until 15 November 2017 and then place a comprehensive order with Electric Quilt. We expect that we will be able to ship your EQ8 products to you ca. 7 - 12 days after that date.

After our special offer expires, our price for EQ8 will be 235 € for the full license and 90 € for the upgrade.

Please note:

For non EU residents, we recommend that you download the software directly from the Electric Quilt webshop. For EU residents, a direct download is not possible due to a specific EU regulation on VAT. This regulation obliges all companies who offer download products to pay VAT to the country from where the download is purchased. Before you start bashing Electric Quilt for limiting download options for EU residents, please remember that it is not that easy for an US based company to comply with European tax law. And in order to prevent even more bashing of the EU, please also remember that the VAT which we, Quilt around the World, will pay to your respective countries for your purchases will help build roads, schools and hospitals etc.! ;-)

EQ8 is here!

Here are the links to our webshop:


EQ8 upgrade

Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Your Quilt around the World Team