Verges: We have arrived!

Verges: We have arrived!

We have arrived at Verges where we will be part of the Fira & Festa de les Labors tomorrow and on Sunday!

Happily, the drive from Munich was largely uneventful with a reasonably small number of traffic jams. This time, for the first time in Quilt around the World exhibition history, Johann had to pack the car alone based on a checklist prepared by Jutta. Jutta has been transplanted to another German town due to her daylight job and joined Johann at the airport of Basel.

Johann had some support though while packing although not a very active kind of help:

Packing for Verges

Today we will hang the quilts in a new venue here at Verges. We are looking forward very much to the Fira and hope that lots of visitors will come to admire the IBS4 quilts!